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Please let us know the following:

1) Your flight arrival and departure itinerary. We would like to keep this information for our records so we can monitor your arrival and departure, as well as be aware if someone does not show up who was supposed to.

2) Special dietary requirements. The typical diet will be Israeli-style Mediterranean, which is healthy and recommended by many doctors in North America and Europe. Generally, the breakfast and dinners are dairy/vegetarian, and the lunch a meat meal. The food is also kosher, so you won’t get a mix of dairy and meat in one meal. However, the kibbutz wants to know if anyone has other special requests such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free. For those who are vegetarian, is there anything that one does not eat, such as veggie burgers, which are sometimes used as a supplement for meat. So anyone with dietary requests, please write to Nava  with this information.

3. Dig T-shirts. Nava will be ordering dig T-shirts which we will sell for $10 a shirt. No one is required to buy one, but we would like to get a sense of what people's sizes are, so we order the correct number. This includes children's sizes for those who are interested. In general, you should order one size larger than the T-shirts one wears in North America. So if you are used to wearing medium, order large, etc.

 4. Group travel on Tuesday, June 24. In case you would like to meet on Sunday, June 24 in Jerusalem and travel together to the kibbutz, please email Bob Mullins immediately (if you haven’t already). If we have enough people, we will rent a bus that will take us directly to the kibbutz. Details to follow soon.