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Robert Mullins is an associate professor of Biblical Studies at Azusa Pacific University in California. He received his Ph.D. in Archaeology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2003. The subject of his dissertation was, "Beth Shean during the Eighteenth Dynasty: From Canaanite Settlement to Egyptian Garrison", under the supervision of Prof. Amihai Mazar. Bob has excavated over the years at numerous sites in Israel, including Tell Qasile, Jerusalem, Lachish, Dor, Masada, Beth-Shean, Rehov, and Gezer. The bulk of his professional training came while a graduate student and research assistant for his mentor, Professor Amihai Mazar, director of the The Beth-Shean Valley Archaeological Project at Tel Beth-Shean and Tel Rehov. Bob both co-supervised and supervised work in Area R at Beth-Shean from 1989-1996 (on which his dissertation was based) and supervised the excavations in Areas A and B at Tel Rehov from 1997-2000. Bob has also done work in the Amuq Valley of southeastern Turkey under the auspices of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago at Tell Atchana (Alalakh), directed by Professors Aslihan Yener and David Schloen where he worked as a ceramicist, and at Zincirli, directed by Professor David Schloen, where he supervised excavations in the South Gate and on the southern slope of the upper city. 



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